We enable organizations to co-organize worldwide FoodTech events

Be part of a global network of organizations, incubators and media to co-organize techmeetings and conferences, sharing our ability to accelerate synergies between stakeholders of the FoodTech community.


Let’s organize the best FoodTech & AgTech startups events and conferences together.


Use our startup network to improve the selection of the most qualified projects.

Learning Expeditions

Join us in each major FoodTech event & partner with local players to meet disruptive ecosystem.

We are a global ecosystem

ShakeUp Factory is partner of each major Food Tech hub allowing to dive into the best of Food & Ag Innovation.

Including : Paris, London, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, Milan, Wageningen and more.

Some events we are proud to be a part of

FoodTech Conference at Inno Generation
Totem FoodTech at BPI Hub

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